Lightning Can Endanger Your Property and Your Life

The Institute for Business and Home Safety is reminding people to be aware of lightning and how it can endanger your property and your life.

According to the safety and risk management groups, an average of 80 people are killed each year in the U.S. by lightning, while another 300 are injured.

“Thunderstorms are a dangerous weather event and their destructive capabilities should not be taken lightly,” said IBHS President Julie Rochman, who added that the insurance industry handles more than $1 billion in lightning-related claims each year.

If you are caught in a severe storm that produces lightening, minimize the chance of being struck by doing the following:

What You Should Do If You Encounter Lightning:

  • Find shelter
  • Avoid being close to power lines
  • Stone shelters are the best
  • Stay in a car with metal roof and sides. Keep windows up
  • Stay inside until storm departs
  • If no shelter, get as low to the ground as possible, in a ditch if available
  • Use surge protectors to avoid fires at home

What to Avoid If You Encounter Lightning:

  • Lakes if boating and pools if swimming
  • Electrical or metal products even indoors
  • Avoid bathtubs and even water faucets especially with metal piping
  • Bicycles, golf clubs, fishing rods, camping equipment and concrete floors
  • Trees and umbrellas

Given the many hazards that can await even the healthiest individuals, investing in a life insurance policy is almost always a sound financial move. Because severe weather, such as lightning, can endanger not only your property, but also your life.

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