Life Insurance Fraud: Staged Incidents and Fraudulent Claims

Life Insurance fraud is a major problem in the country, with people going so far as to stage incidents and place fraudulent claims.

A TV producer is being held in connection with the death of his wife after reportedly taking out two life insurance policies for everyone in his family, reports KABC news in Los Angeles.

One of the life insurance policies that Bruce Berseford-Redman took out would’ve paid $50,000 in the event a death occurred while traveling, reports KABC. The second policy was worth over half a million dollars.

The recent life insurance purchases just days before the death is just another piece of evidence that casts suspicion on Berseford-Redman.

“You have an abundance of evidence starting from day one,” former prosecutor Robin Sax told KABC, “And with this new piece of evidence, it just makes it an even clearer picture.”

Berseford-Redman was vacationing in Mexico with his family when the body of his wife, Monica, was discovered in a Mexican resort sewer.

The Insurance Information Institute reports that 85,000 suspicious claims were made to the National Insurance Bureau last year, with the largest percent of claims arising from “staged and caused accidents.”

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