Life Insurance For Valentine’s Day

Every day he came to visit his wife at the nursing home. She had Alzheimer’s and he was 86 years old. Every day he would wheel her through the halls since she had lost the ability to walk. When the weather was beautiful, they would sit in the garden and he would hold her hand. When she had lost the ability to eat, he helped with every bite and then would hold her hand as she relaxed. He would always hold her hand. Even when she had forgotten who he was, he would do whatever it took. And when she passed away in his arms, she called him by his name on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day brings about different meanings for everyone, some may just consider it single awareness day, but usually it is a day to express our love for others in some way, shape and form. Usually it is celebrated with candy, flowers or cards. Over $13 billion is spent on Valentine’s Day, 180 million cards are exchanged and the average consumer spends a little over a hundred dollars for the day.

But often insuring the love of your life is not thought of as an appropriate gift for Valentine’s Day. On the contrary, it is the perfect time.

According to the Life Foundation, it is the perfect time for insurance professionals to remind their clients of the need to protect the ones they love. A few years ago, the foundation sponsored an insure who you love campaign this month to instill the idea that life insurance may be a much better idea than those jewels around her neck.

If married, Valentine’s Day is a great time to discuss your future if you haven’t already. What will happen if one becomes a widow or widower? What kind of savings and life insurance benefits are in place? In some marriages, one spouse handles everything as far as financial household matters and investments. Does the remaining spouse have the knowledge to take over in a crisis?

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