Labor Day Symbolizes Economic Achievements

Labor Day symbolizes economic achievements of American workers. The holiday thanks those that have contributed to American prosperity.

The first celebration took place in 1882 and is regarded as a tribute to those in labor and trade organizations who originally built our country; parades are now organized to honor America’s stellar progress.

It is the time to learn about how we, as a country, once trusted and respected each other; when we worked together without condemnation of political views and that regardless of how disastrous the problem appeared, we seemed to move in a direction that offered help and support for our fellow neighbor.

By learning and understanding how this nation once thrived, we may be able to incorporate new knowledge into our own individual lives. One new lesson learned may open a door not realized.

And one lesson from the past wars, the Great Depression and our family’s portfolio is to plan for the future.

Though Labor Day offers a day off and time to relax, what happens if something unexpected – such as illness or something worse – were to occur to your family?

It is a subject that most do not want to talk about, especially on a holiday. However, the purchase of life insurance is an excellent beginning to a new season.

Life insurance is actually less expensive than it was 20 years ago. A LIMRA/Life Happens study showed that consumers overestimate the cost of life insurance by nearly three-fold.

Even though you do have to take a medical exam for traditional policies, some now offer quotes with no physical exam required. Final expenses can be taken care of even if health problems are prominent.

This Labor Day symbolizes economic achievements, the same as life insurance symbolizes financial preparedness. Ensure your family’s well-being today by calling us at LifeQuotes!

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