Joint Health for Your Hips and Knees

A healthy body includes your joints and healthy hips and knees will keep you exercising longer to promote your overall health for years to come.

According to Harvard Medical School, 800,000 American each year see orthopedic surgeons for a hip or knee replacement. And seeking those operations much earlier than they should.

Every surgical procedure carries the risk of complications — or even death. Because the average joint that’s replaced only lasts 10 to 15 years, having the procedure done at age 50 instead of 70 means there’s a good chance you’ll need a second procedure when you’re older and at higher risk for complications.

Harvard offers tip for joint pain relief and healing exercises:

· Maintain a healthy weight

· Good posture will lessen pressure on joints

· Avoid lifting that causes pain

· Medications before surgery

· Try over the counter medications first

· Exercise

The Arthritis Foundation confirms that aquatic exercise can help relieve pain and improve daily function. Based on the studies’ results, the reviewers said, “In people with osteoarthritis of the hip or knee, pain may decrease by one more point on a scale of 0 to 20 with aquatic exercise, and function may improve by three more points on a scale of 0 to 68.”

For knees and hips, swimming laps with slight kicks are ok as well as walking in the shallow part of a pool. Running and high impact exercises such as jumping are types you want to stay away from.

If in the workplace behind a desk, you can strengthen your hips and knees daily by doing the following hamstring stretch.

· Sit up straight and tall with one foot on the floor.

· Gently raise one leg, knee straight, toes pointing up, supporting your leg with both hands.

· Hold, relax, and repeat several times with each leg.

Generally, those who have had a hip or knee replacement will still qualify for life insurance since this does not affect mortality. However, your rates will improve if you can follow a consistent path of exercise to improve results.

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