Is There A Loan Repayment Program For Healthcare Workers?

Some areas of the country are extremely underdeveloped  and require special programs in order to attract qualified candidates for certain public service careers.

Similar to how Americorps helps teachers pay back student loans if they teach in an underdeveloped community, a loan repayment program also exists for healthcare workers.

The National Health Service Corp covers up to 60,000 dollars in student loan debt for those who serve two years in these type of communities. Administrator Mary Wakefield says there are already many medical care workers at community health centers.

“The NHSC sites are located in some of the most geographically isolated and economically distressed areas of the country,” said Wakefield. “The healthcare professionals who answer this call to serve in the NHSC will join thousands of dedicated primary care clinicians who bring quality health care to underdeveloped  communities and vulnerable populations.”

Many patients who are seen in community health centers are uninsured and wouldn’t be able to see a healthcare provider otherwise. Some people find themselves in a situation where they make too much for government assistance programs but not enough to cover private healthcare costs.

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