Insurance Prepares Families For Unexpected Accidents

Life insurance is way to ensure the future well-being of your loved ones when you pass away, but younger, healthier generations fail to see the benefits of having such policies at their current stage in life. Current studies help to illustrate how counterproductive such thinking can be.

A major benefit and key selling point, especially for this target audience, is that life insurance can prepare one’s family when an unplanned incident or life-altering accident occurs.

For example, the number of traffic fatalities has drastically increased during the past couple of decades.

The U.S. Department of Transportations National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in 2012, 33,561 traffic fatalities occurred which is a 1,082 increase since 2011. Given the unpredictable nature of such tragedies, this serves as one more example of the importance of considering a life insurance investment.

States such as Illinois, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and others are joining together to adopt a zero-fatality goal to stop traffic fatalities and save lives. The efforts vary from state-to-state, but all aim to prevent dangerous roadside behaviors such as drowsy driving, distracted driving, aggressive driving, impaired driving, and not buckling up from happening.  Traffic fatalities are still the leading cause of death for children, teems and young adults.

The success from the program comes from the contribution and coordination of state departments, organizations and private businesses. Their goal is to educate the community why “Zero Fatalities” is the only number of deaths our nation should strive to achieve.

Due to life’s unexpected events, life insurance experts advises families to prepare for the unexpected which can be done through proper planning and insurance proceeds. Coverage may vary based on whether an individual has children, dependents older than adults and other assets.

Fortunately, life insurance rates are currently at an industry all-time low that can fit into almost everyone’s budget and insurance needs.

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