Importance of Writing a Will

Many people in their twenties and thirties have never considered writing a will. To the young, the prospect of death appears to be a long way off.

According to a report in the Danbury (Connecticut) News-Times, even young people in dangerous jobs, such as firefighters, have not done so. According to the report, writing a will is a difficult and time-consuming process, but it is ultimately worthwhile because it saves surviving family members from a number of headaches and custody battles.

Some wills, according to the paper, can also cover what to do with a person’s finances and medical condition if they become disabled, which is useful for people in certain occupations.

The report warns against going to websites that promise to write wills for low prices, despite the fact that wills from legitimate attorneys can cost as little as a few hundred dollars.

“I think what keeps lawyers in business is people who tried to save $100 by doing something themselves,” attorney Andrew Roraback told the paper.

USAGov provides some will writing advice, which includes seeking legal counsel because the rules of the estate disposition process vary by state. Don’t forget about your will after you’ve finished it. If you marry, divorce, remarry, or move to another state, it should be updated. Check to see if any of your assets have changed.

If you create an online contest, you can now use social media wills as well. You can specify how you want your profiles to be handled, and memorial profiles are an option. also provides information on life insurance options, including descriptions of term, whole, and universal life. Along with an explanation of benefits, you can learn what to do if you misplace a policy and how your state’s insurance commission can help you find it.

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