How to Prepare One’s Family for a Hurricane

Following President Barack Obama’s designation of National Hurricane Preparedness Week, May 23 to 29, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association teamed up to provide Americans with information regarding preparation and coordination.

“We never know where the next hurricane or disaster will strike, but we know that the more we do to prepare now, the better the outcome will be,” FEMA administrator Craig Fugate says. “FEMA will continue to work with our private sector, local, state, tribal and federal partners to ensure that we are prepared, but it is also important that all Americans take the necessary steps now- like developing a family disaster plan – before a hurricane or disaster strikes.”

Americans living in areas prone to natural disasters should ensure that they maintain an adequate supply of medical supplies, non-perishable food items and emergency kits. FEMA also advises families to place important documents such as property deeds, insurance information and bank and medical records in a waterproof bag.

As demonstrated by the recent string of tornadoes and earthquakes that have struck the nation, Americans should ensure their natural disaster, flood, health and life insurance policies are updated and secure in the event of a crisis.

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