Risky Hobbies Lead to Higher Life Insurance Premiums

People who invest in life insurance policies will often find that their premiums will be higher if they enjoy certain risky hobbies- like skydiving or auto racing, for example.

This is because insurance companies want to minimize their own financial exposure in regard to customers who, in the long run, may be far more likely than others to end up having their term life policies cashed in.

Despite this reality for life insurance customers who like skydiving and other risky activities, a recent article in the New York Daily News suggests that their chances of dying due to a flawed parachute or other factor are actually quite low.

The United States Parachute Association offers lists of fatalities grouped by year and decade.

According to the newspaper, only 19 people died in the U.S. last year out of some 3.1 million parachute jumps, which reportedly amounts to a 1 in 163,158 chance of a fatality from this activity. Comparatively, people are actually said to have a higher chance of dying in a plane crash or from a bee sting, notes the Daily News.

Regardless of this data, life insurance customers who enjoy hobbies deemed risky are typically advised to consult with their companies to avoid any future problems with payouts or policies.

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