How Many Fire Alarms Do I Need in My Home?

A new announcement from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is reminding people to protect themselves and loved ones by ensuring that their homes are equipped with a sufficient number of fire alarms.

According to the organization, about two-thirds of deaths from home fires each year occur in homes that were not equipped with working smoke alarms. The announcement also pointed out that simply having one smoke alarm in a home does not offer sufficient protection in the event of a fire.

By having a smoke alarm installed and properly functioning, an individual can cut their chance of dying in a fire almost in half, added the NFPA.

To further increase one’s chance of surviving a fire, homeowners are urged to test their smoke alarms once a month and to be certain that all occupants know what the sound means. The NFPA also reminds people that a chirping noise from the alarm will signify a low battery.

Fire is a deadly safety hazard that can spread rapidly and affect even the healthiest and youngest people. With that in mind, a life insurance policy offers solid financial protection to loved ones in the event that the unthinkable happens.

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