How I Can Avoid Getting Skin Cancer?

Public health officials who have been warning of the dangers of skin cancer may be dismayed by recent polling data showing that relatively few people routinely follow their advice.

To avoid deadly forms of skin cancer like melanoma, people are advised to avoid the sun for prolonged periods of time and to use sunscreen when spending time outdoors. Health experts have also been warning people against the skin cancer dangers associated with the regular use of tanning beds.

More recently, a recent Marist poll found that only about 9 percent of those surveyed use sunscreen on a daily basis. Another 20 percent indicated that they use it most days, while 31 percent said they use it on occasion.

In what may be an alarming development for healthcare professionals, 40 percent of those surveyed said that they never use sunscreen. Along with using sunscreen, people are advised to bring sunglasses and brimmed hats when going somewhere like the beach.

Skin cancer is a dangerous disease that kills thousands each year. Since it can strike even those who are in good health, it also serves as a reminder of the importance of investing in life insurance coverage.

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