How Smoking E-cigarettes Affects Life Insurance

The sales of e-cigarettes have skyrocketed in the last few years with even tobacco companies getting into the business. And the younger generation of smokers that usually start smoking in their teens are becoming hooked on e-cigs because they still contain habit-forming nicotine.

According to the Center for Disease Control, nearly 1.9 million students have tried e-cigs. Though marketing attempts to draw in a younger group has been denied, it certainly is a real concern that teenagers are going to be drawn by the e-cig products that offer fruit and candy flavors.

Many feel that e-cigs are a safe alternative to the real thing. Depending on the brand, e-cig cartridges contain nicotine and a component to produce an aerosol. According to the Food and Drug Administration, potentially harmful constituents have been documented in some cartridges that use animal carcinogens and other irritants. 

Other studies have found a significant rise in airway resistance for those using e-cigarettes which can cause long-term harm. Additional studies show that vaping, or inhaling e-cigs, can possibly include metal particles entering the lungs just as dangerous as cigarette smoke.

Many cities have restricted e-cigarettes such as New York and Chicago to maintain the idea that smoking anything and addiction to nicotine is not admired. But other countries such as the United Kingdom allow e-cigarettes in public places where tobacco products had been banned.

Will life insurance companies classify an e-smoker in the same category as a tobacco smoker who will continue to pay higher premiums? Because research still needs to continue before most insurance companies will re-evaluate e-smokers, those that have switched want to abstain from regular cigarettes for at least 12 months. This may improve your rates.

Significant changes for the better road to your health, weight and lifestyle should follow a year of stability before life insurance can be adjusted.

The e-cigarette will continue to grow as an attempt for many to move away from tobacco products and it is important to check with an insurance adviser concerning your progress and how that affects your insurance.

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