How High Blood Pressure Affects Life Insurance

It is difficult for people to prevent or treat a health condition they are not aware exists.  High blood pressure is one disease that seems to be off the radar for many men, according to a recent study.

Recent data from the World Congress of Cardiology in Beijing reveals that young, unmarried men are less likely to know they have high blood pressure and less likely to acquire treatment for the condition than any other population segment.

The study showed a connection between high blood pressure awareness and lower income and education levels in 17 countries.  Data was collected from 154,000 individuals between the ages of 35 to 70 who were at risk for cardiovascular disease. Those who had less education and lower income levels were also less likely to seek out treatment to get their blood pressure under control.  Subjects were classified by age, gender, marital status, education, region and location.

“The results of this study will hopefully help to identify people that may benefit from more targeted blood pressure screening and education to improve identification and management of their condition,” said Dr. Clara Chow, an assistant professor at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada.

While high blood pressure is a major contributor to cardiovascular disease, it can also raise a person’s life insurance rates. Fortunately, following a regular exercise program and eating a healthy diet can help reduce a person’s likelihood of developing the disease and keep insurance rates affordable.

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