How Do You Teach Children Respect?

The holidays can offer opportunity to create joy and positive family memories as well as valuable lessons. According to recent studies, children that grow without respect and good manners are at a greater risk for developing  poor team work ethic and solving social issues. Introducing children to the respect and appreciation for others is a value worth celebrating.

The following offers suggestions to encourage your children:

Create holiday crafts or cards for a local nursing home. Introduce your children early to elderly relatives in assisted living or nursing home environments.

If your child is a budding musician, contact the activity director at an elder care facility to see if your child can practice in front of an audience.

Have your child choose an outworn doll or toy to donate for a worthy cause. With help from the Internet if need be, help your child choose that charity.

Volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen with your children in tow. Always make them part of the process.

Create a holiday art fair with your children’s favorite artwork and include neighborhood children. Have prizes for the children and sell the artwork donating the proceeds to someone in need.

Take your children to a formal dinner or restaurant. Show them how to put a linen napkin in their lap and use the appropriate tableware. Dress the part. If your children do not do well with sitting quietly, just spend enough time there for a quick meal or appetizers.

This is also a great time as they meet new people to teach your children how to address new acquaintances with the preferred greeting whether it is Mr. or Mrs. as well as other salutations you feel appropriate.

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