Diabetes and Obesity Affect Life Insurance Prices

Diabetes and obesity affect life insurance prices, because the added risk to insure you causes the premium to go up. The American population’s lifestyles have become more sedentary over the years, which give rise to such conditions.

Health care professionals have long advised people to watch what they eat and to engage in physical activity regularly. By avoiding chronic health conditions, insurers will be more inclined to offer favorable prices. This is because with better health, the chance of hospitalization for a major illness becomes lower.

However, researchers have also been increasingly focused on the amount of time people spend sedentary. Sedentary lifestyles tend to make people less healthy. Thus, this lifestyle may lean you toward paying more in insurance prices.

For example, some people may work out regularly but give themselves potentially unhealthy blood sugar and blood fat levels by remaining inactive for hours at a time. This type of health will incur higher insurance prices.

You can also be underweight which will cause you to be placed into a higher risk category. Some exercises that will help if you spend 6-8 hours in front of a computer at work.

· Take the stairs instead of the elevator at your office

· Stroll down the hall

· While sitting in your chair at your desk, squeeze your buttocks for 10 seconds and release.

· Simply raise both shoulders up toward the ears, hold for 5 seconds, then relax. Repeat for 15 reps.

· Clasp the hands behind the back of the head and try to push the head backward, resisting the motion with your hands. Hold each for 5 seconds

· Stand whenever you can

“Prolonged time spent sitting, independent of physical activity has been shown to have important metabolic consequences, and may influence levels in the body that become biomarkers of obesity and cardiovascular and other chronic diseases,” said Dr. Alpa Patel, spokesperson for the American Cancer Society.

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