How Common Are Text Message Related Fatal Driving Accidents?

Recent research may serve as a reminder that tragedy can strike in unexpected ways out on the highway – especially in an age of what can seem to be increasingly careless drivers, and texting while driving.

A recent study appearing in the American Journal of Public Health noted that fatalities connected to distracted driving increased 28 percent between 2005 and 2008 – a period that coincides with the rapid growth in popularity of text messaging.

The report added that higher texting volumes appear to have contributed to 16,000 additional road fatalities between 2001 and 2007, with 5,870 occurring a year later in 2008. In light of these statistics, the report recommended that legislation which bans texting behind the wheel should also include “effective enforcement.”

Of course, opinion surveys have found that even people who admit texting behind the wheel is dangerous often tend to do it themselves, which illustrates the uphill climb that policymakers continue to face.

By driving safely, people can avert tragedies that have devastating consequences for entire families. Another good way to protect loved ones from hardship is to carry a life insurance policy in the event tragedy strikes.

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