How to Save Someone From Choking to Death

Life insurance is a valuable safeguard for people from all walks of life against unexpected tragedies that can leave loved ones financially struggling for years, like choking.

Even the healthiest people, for example, are vulnerable to choking. In fact, according to a survey conducted earlier this year, approximately 28% of the general public has witnessed someone choking.

According to Red Cross data, 42 percent of choking incidents occur at home, 30 percent in restaurants, and 11 percent at work.

Given the relatively common nature of this situation, one useful suggestion is to enroll in a CPR course offered by the Red Cross or a similar organization. This increases one’s chances of saving the life of someone who has stopped breathing. Learning the Heimlich maneuver is another simple way to potentially save someone’s life.

Nonetheless, not everyone is fortunate enough to be aided in a timely manner by a trained safety professional or another individual. Given that reality, life insurance is an important investment to consider, particularly for parents of young children or those caring for dependent elderly relatives.

March is also National Red Cross Month, so learn more about how you can participate in their activities.

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