How Are Life Insurance Rates Affected By Lifestyle?

Participating in extreme sports or having a dangerous hobby may satisfy a thrill-seeker’s need for a good rush, but it will dramatically decrease their chance of getting an affordable life insurance rate.

If you choose to live a lifestyle involving dangerous activities, it is expected that you will pay two to three times more in life insurance than someone who lives a less dangerous life.

According to, insurance companies are looking for qualified people not disqualified ones. It is their job to write you a policy but they don’t want to risk hurting their business because of your dangerous lifestyle.

When writing a policy for a riskier person, a life insurer will generally add a “flat extra” onto the preexisting premium. This additional premium will vary depending on the person and can be pretty significant.

If you are worried that the occasional scuba lessons on vacation or bungee jump on your birthday will increase your premium, you don’t need to worry too much. Life insurers are more concerned if this occasional event turns into a habit.

“The best way to mitigate your rate? Go to school, get a license, do all the safety things that you’re supposed to be doing and present yourself as someone who knows how to do whatever this unusual thing is that you’re doing,” said William Carroll of the American Council of Life Insurers.

Of course, on the other side of the spectrum, people who aren’t active enough may also find themselves facing higher life insurance premiums. This is because the diagnosis of a serious health condition can make life insurance more expensive, especially for those who are also obese or have other health issues.

If you are serious about life insurance, it is important that you are leading a healthy and safe lifestyle. Doing this will ensure a better rate.

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