High Stress Levels Can Mean High Life Insurance Premiums

Stress can put you at risk of developing serious health conditions like depression, heart attack and a slew of other diseases. Any of which can cause you to be rated up by a life insurance company and pay more in premiums.

According to the CDC, aside from the emotional tension that surrounds stressful events such as fear, anxiety, and sadness, stress can create sleep problems, headaches, back pains, stomach issues as well as trouble concentrating.

And the range of diseases which are directly related to stressful conditions is wide indeed. Some of those related maladies include asthma, fibromyalgia, gum disease and gastrointestinal problems.

Some studies have shown that stress may also worsen Alzheimer’s disease.

“It’s crucial that all Americans understand that stress isn’t something to be taken lightly,” says Daniel Touizer, CEO and founder of Cinergy Health. “We want everyone to know how to prevent stress, as well as treat their symptoms, especially since long-term stress can cause very serious diseases.”

While unhealthy foods, alcohol and drugs may temporarily relieve stress, they frequently cause serious medical problems down the road. Eating well – and exercising – are both habits that can help cut back on stress.

Deep breathing can provide relief during stressful times, while keeping a log of these experiences may be helpful in the future. This may enable individuals to recognize and take action against the sources of their stress.

Tips to Cut Down on Your Stress Level – And Cut Down Your Insurance Premiums

  • Creating structure and routine in your life can help handle the unexpected and create a more constructive framework for stress.
  • Choosing one day to do something for yourself whether it be reading a book, sleeping, visiting friends, can help reduce levels of tension.
  • Learning meditation can have lasting effects on improving your health.
  • Therapeutic massages can help when your body heals from muscle pain.
  • Taking a bath or walk can help diffuse stress and restore energy.
  • Eat dark chocolate.
  • Take up a hobby and schedule so many hours a week to painting classes or whatever takes your mind away from daily life stress.
  • ‘Couchersizing’ during TV time can build muscles and can also help with stress according to Harvard Health.

Those who suffer from medical conditions are often forced to face higher health and life insurance premiums because of their increased likelihood to file claims. Life insurance is at an all time low so contact your agent today for more information.

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