GOP Senator says Party Doesn’t Have Enough Votes

GOP Senator’s and the Republican effort to pass a legislative repeal of President Barack Obama’s health care reforms of last year will not be successful, warns Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski.

Despite her personal opposition to the President’s reforms, Murkowski told a local news station in Anchorage, she thinks the GOP senator’s efforts would be better spent on issues it has more chance of actually getting traction on and that the.

According to the New York Times, Murkowski also said an alternative measure would have to be passed along with repeal, otherwise the party would have done nothing to improve the state of health insurance reform for American consumers.

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said in the wake of the bill’s passage through the House this week that he would push for a vote on the Senate floor, but Democratic control over that chamber means it’s unlikely he will be able to force the issue. Even if the bill went to the White House, it is even less likely that the President will fail to veto the repeal of perhaps his most important legislative achievement.

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