Fear Does Hold Us Back Every Time

Fear of rejection, fear of inadequacy, fear of school, fear of being alone, fear of making mistakes, fear of relationships, fear of the unknown, and more. Fear does hold us back every time.

Some fears should be taken to heart and have a reasonable place – such as accepting people, places or things in your life that can be dangerous. Sometimes, we make the same mistake over and over again. Fear does hold us back every time. But fear is within our control.

But fear, once ignited, is like a pilot light that never burns out, goes beyond our safety concerns and splatters into all areas of our lives.

Sometimes, we make the same mistake over and over again. Many times fear keeps reminding us that it is in control rather than our intuition or intelligence. Because of our less than perfect form, we let it consume us when we are unaware, tired or not at our best.

Most, however, who really want to focus on their strengths and how they can help others and live a satisfying life without fear generally call on the immeasurable support of family, friends, colleagues and mentors when fear takes over. They then begin to store the advice, counsel and guidance to make better decisions, eventually putting their fears in perspective.

Some fear that purchasing life insurance is a waste of time, money and not the best savings plan for their situation. They fear the cost, they fear lack of acceptance and they fear the myths. The most common reason that we do not chase our dreams or follow our hearts is fear that we cannot for whatever reason. As a result, fear also creates illness, depression and for some, an early death. Talk to a qualified agent today to secure your dreams of a healthy and happy future.

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