Your Attitude Has a Real Effect on Your Heart

Your attitude plays an important role in your heart health. People are routinely reminded that it’s important to avoid certain foods and exercise regularly for a healthy lifestyle. But, how many times do you hear about your attitude and its role in your health?

The American Heart Association, per cited data suggesting that people who exercise naturally release endorphins to boost mood and ease stress. This lighter attitude is shown to benefit your heart health.

Specifically, research shown people with this “antagonistic dispositions” tended to have more thickening of their neck arteries, potentially undermining their cardiac health.

“Antagonistic people, particularly those who are competitive and aggressive, may be increasing their risk of heart attack or stroke, researchers report in Hypertension: Journal of the American Heart Association.

“Whereas women with agreeable traits had much thinner arterial walls than men with agreeable traits, antagonism had a much stronger association with arterial thickness in women,” said researcher Angelina Sutin. The report added that this health risk exists when accounting for other hazards like smoking.

While people with heart disease may have a shorter life expectancy and greater risk of hospitalization and high medical bills, there are other financial issues to consider. For example, a heart disease diagnosis will typically result in higher life insurance premiums.

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