Disney’s Health Campaign Strives to Improve Youth Fitness

The Walt Disney Company announced this week the launch of the Magic of Healthy Living campaign, a multi-media initiative designed to help parents keep their kids in shape and boost youth fitness in the United States, in collaboration with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign in 2010.

Disney president and CEO Bob Iger said, “We are very proud in our long-term commitment to helping families achieve healthier lifestyles. The health of our kids is critically important and we are pleased to be doing our part to encourage smart eating and exercise.”

Above and beyond the company’s previous pledges to provide good nutritional content, the campaign includes a new commitment from Disney to maintain certain nutritional standards in its food products and to associate its characters with more balanced diets.

In terms of improving the quality of physical exercise, Magic of Healthy Living provides printable activities such as cross-body arm stretches, jumping rope, and dance activities for your children to practice. Recipes for a healthy diet are available, including rainbow ice cubes for sparkling grape juice and a delicious watermelon salad.

The initiative began with the Let’s Move campaign, and both have just completed their fourth year of assisting new generations in changing their physical and emotional lifestyles in order to reduce obesity. Obesity can lead to chronic health issues such as heart disease, asthma, and cancer. It may also result in increased life insurance premiums.

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