Could Workplace Stress Cause Serious Health Problems?

Those who work in industries that are commonly associated with high stress levels may want to be particularly focused on selecting a good life insurance policy, in light of the cardiovascular risks that this lifestyle can bring.

With healthcare professionals around the world marking World Heart Day on September 26, workplace stress will be one of the issues in the spotlight.

According to the World Heart Federation, only about 11 percent of workers in a recent survey said that they do not feel their employers support a healthy workplace. In fact, 63 percent of workers say that healthy initiatives are important or very important when choosing an employer, while 80 percent say the same thing about health insurance.

“Apart from having a responsibility towards employees’ health, employers stand to benefit from introducing workplace-wellness programs, as they have been shown to decrease absenteeism, while increasing productivity, retention, creativity and innovation” said Olivier Raynaud, a senior director at the World Economic Forum.

Regardless of one’s overall levels of workplace stress and access to employee well-being programs, it’s important to guard against stress and cardiovascular problems. Keeping heart healthy can maintain lower life insurance rates and fewer medical costs while also contributing to a better overall quality of life.

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