College Scholarships For Children Who Lost A Parent

The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education recently announced 59 recipients of college scholarships. To be eligible for the scholarship, the students must have experienced the loss of a parent.

Esther Kim is one such student who lost her father to cancer. As a result, Kim has to work a part-time job to help support her family while works towards straights A’s in school.

Marvin Feldman, LIFE Foundation president and CEO, says stories like Kim’s highlight the importance of having life insurance.

“We are proud to be able to help deserving young people like Esther and our other scholarship recipients to reach their college goals, and we hope their stories will remind all parents to protect the financial well-being of their loved ones through proper financial planning,” said Feldman.

Some people may realize they need life insurance, but aren’t sure where to turn for more information. There are a variety of educational sources to chose from, including the Internet.

Speaking with an agent may also be helpful to determine how much coverage will be needed and which policy type will best suit a person’s circumstances.

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