NVDRS To Receive $7.5 Million In Funding

All 50 states participate in the National Violent Death Reporting System by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (NVDRS).

In 2021, more than 48,100 people died by suicide in the United States, while an additional 26,000 died as a result of homicide.

The NVDRS gives states and communities a better understanding of violent deaths, allowing them to make more informed decisions about violence prevention efforts and track progress over time.

It is the only state-based surveillance and reporting system that collects data on violent deaths from multiple sources and compiles it into a usable, anonymous database. State and local medical examiners, coroners, law enforcement, crime labs, and vital statistics records are among the sources.

The CDC is working to improve the NVDRS system by promoting greater functionality and easier data access.

States that receive NVDRS funding work under a cooperative agreement with the CDC, to whom all violent deaths are voluntarily reported.

Life insurance will pay a death benefit for suicide and murder after the contestability period, which is usually two years.

Violence-related deaths are far too common today, with more than seven people dying violently every hour. Finding the why through statistics is the most effective way to design and implement prevention efforts.

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