Categories of Father Figures and the Definition of Father

After looking up the definition of father, it is truly amazing how many categories of the designation we have for fathers and father figures today.

From the weekend/holiday father, surprised father, stepfather, second father, to just mother’s partner or husband – all of which define father. And, believe it or not, there is the DI father who is the social/legal father of children produced via donor insemination.

Father is also considered a founder of a body of knowledge or institution like George Washington, the father of our country. And now I can understand why fathers are seen as authority figures and are supposed to possess experience and knowledge in life to pass onto others. That is what being a father is about; the active father who speaks of wisdom and guidance.

And there is the lost father, one who missing or passed away and could not be replaced.

However a father can be found in the trusted male friend who nurtures and helps you live a more fulfilling life. A father can be the neighbor that offers support when you struggle, comfort when you are down and his snow blower when you need to clear your driveway. A Father can also be your boss or a manager, who reminds you that you are truly worthy, regardless of your awkward stumbles at work.

Whoever the named father may be in your life, according to surveys most dads want security and want to know that there family and friends are happy/thriving. For the gift of Father’s Day, acknowledge those you value and help them in areas that your skills would best benefit. If you are a financial planner, give them a free to session to organize their future. If your own father is alive and well, help him stay that way.

Give that special man you see as your father a small gift of appreciation for the life they deserve. Maybe with the gift of life insurance through

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