Carrie Fisher’s Death Cost Insurance Companies $50 Million

Lloyd’s of London and Exceptional Risk Advisors will write a huge check to Disney

While Carrie Fisher’s death saddened her fans around the world, it also brought tears to the eyes of insurance executives who wrote a policy to Disney to cover their potential losses in the event Fisher couldn’t fulfill her three movie deal with the company.

Disney will cash in to the tune of $50 million as a result of the untimely demise of the Star Wars actress after inking an enormous life insurance policy to protect the company should the actress be unable to complete her pending three-film contract.

Sources say Lloyd’s of London is on the hook for the payout following a Disney move to take out a ‘contract protection cover,’ which indemnified them should Fisher not be able to complete her work on any of the pending Star Wars films.

Fisher rocketed to global fame as a 19-year-old ingenue as a result of her role in the 1977 release of the original Star Wars.

Her subsequent life, which featured bouts of substance abuse and struggles with bipolar disorder, is said to have played a factor in Disney’s purchase of the massive policy.

Underwritten in part by Exceptional Risk Advisors, a US firm who call themselves “experts in insuring complex human capital risks for highly successful individuals,” the policy may well represent the largest such deal in history for a single individual in the film industry.

While it’s said that the life of film and record industry executive David Geffen is insured for upwards of $100 million, Geffen is still very much alive, thank you.

Following a life pockmarked by years of drug abuse and recent bouts of failing health, Fisher suffered a heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles – and then died on December 27 at age 60.

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Her death set in motion a series of financial moves by Disney after she reprised her role in 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Fisher was set to play a major role in Star Wars Episode VIII, planned for release next year, and filming of that installment in the series was completed before her death. She was also signed to play a starring role in Star Wars Episode XI  which was scheduled for release in 2019. That film, according to Hollywood sources, will now require substantial re-writes following the death of the popular actress.

Carrie Fisher’s Death Will Cost A Pair of Insurance Companies $50 Million

Thus far, Disney officials have yet to comment on how the film and the ongoing plot might be affected by Fisher’s death, and according to trade publication The Insurance Insider, the policy payout represents the market’s largest-ever single personal accident insurance claim.

Fisher’s mother, the beloved Hollywood actress Debbie Reynolds, died one day later than her famous daughter at age 84.

Disney and Lloyds of London have yet to publicly respond to requests for comment regarding the policy or the status of upcoming Star Wars films.

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