Can I get Health Insurance if I’m a Fisherman?

Commercial fishermen have found it difficult to obtain affordable health care insurance due to their involvement in a dangerous occupation. Many people could not afford insurance and were therefore disqualified. For some, the only option was to get coverage through another job or through their spouse’s group insurance.

Many people have issues with this because some group plans do not always cover work-related injuries. It has become a never-ending cycle of limitations for the fishing industry.

However, health plans under the Affordable Care Act should now make doctor visits, hospitalization, and prescription drugs more affordable.

Because income can be unpredictable and fluctuate widely, the Fishing Partnership Support Services provides information to help commercial fishermen and their families navigate the insurance system. Contact them for assistance if you do not have health insurance or have lost coverage.

In Massachusetts, for example, the vast majority of people will qualify for financial assistance, and navigators will help you understand coverage costs and network options. You will learn more about the Affordable Care Acts and state health insurance options in Maine.

Fishing Partnership Support Services also provides advice to help fishermen and their families improve their health and safety. CPR certification and ergonomics training are always available. Estate planning, household budgets, drug addiction, and stress management are all available as family services.

Contact one of their service navigators to learn more about the obstacles you may face and how you can obtain the services and health coverage you require.

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