Cereal is a Leader of Healthy Breakfasts

Teenage girls who eat nutritious breakfasts, like cereal, are more likely to have healthier body weight and lower cholesterol, according to studies.

An analysis of data from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute’s Growth and Health Study found that teenage girls who ate fortified breakfast cereal in the morning were more physically active, had a lower body mass index and consumed more milk than girls who did not.

The 10-year study tracked the diets of 2,379 girls between the ages of 9 and 10. Fifty-one percent of the girls were African-American while the rest were Caucasian.

Researchers found that consuming breakfast cereal helped increase the nutrient content in the girls’ diet, while cereal-eaters usually had lower waist-to-height ratios, indicating a healthy body weight and lower cholesterol levels.

Cereals that are whole-grain without highly saturated fats are the best source of healthy content. High levels of sugar and carbohydrates is not a good idea either. Cereals that are high in fiber are excellent choices though they may be a little more costly than most. Cereals that have artificial food dyes or sweeteners are not healthy. The Rudd Center offers a fact sheet that indicates the best cereals on the market. Post’s Shredded Wheat is the first on the list. In fact, 96% of physicians surveyed recommended this cereal.

Something as simple as eating nutritious foods is a lifestyle choice that can lead to a less medical problems and consequently, lower life insurance premiums. Eating whole grains from cereal and produce over sweets can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. A recent study from The University of Maryland discovered that healthy eating is linked with increased longevity, even among the elderly.

A healthy diet that can reduce medical problems and increase your lifespan can also offer better life insurance rates. Talk to your insurance agent for more information.

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