Are All Forms Of Tobacco Bad For My Health?

The use of smokeless tobacco products may be more widespread than some people previously thought. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals use of such products is highest in Wyoming and West Virginia.

Furthermore, the CDC says smokeless tobacco use is most prevalent among among young adults, men, and those who did not receive an education beyond the high school level.

CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden says smokers continue to use smokeless tobacco products despite the health risks.

“Use of smokeless tobacco may keep some people from quitting tobacco altogether,” says Frieden. “We need to intensify our anti-tobacco efforts to help people quit using all forms of tobacco.”

Use of tobacco products has been related to an increased risk of lung cancer along with other serious health ailments, making the decision to purchase life insurance a good one.

Recently, researchers conducted a study and found that patients screened with a CT scan had a lower death rate from lung cancer than those who received chest x-rays. Such findings may be beneficial for those who are at an increased risk of developing the condition as a result of tobacco use.

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