Air Pollution Emits Fine Particulate Matter That Can Damage Health

The American Heart Association reported that air pollution emits fine particulate matter that can damage health and there is growing scientific evidence this causes illness.

Fine particulate air pollution is a result of fossil fuel combustion from vehicles and other sources, and is dangerous because of the microscopic particles that can become lodged in the lungs or enter the bloodstream.

The report added that people with heart disease, diabetics and the elderly are among those who would do well to limit their short-term exposure to particulate matter in air pollution. Doing so can help control other health factors, such as high blood pressure, from worsening.

The study said that in general, people should avoid ingesting adverse particulate matter of their own accord, as with smoking cigarettes.

“Particulate matter appears to directly increase risk by triggering events in susceptible individuals within hours to days of an increased level of exposure, even among those who otherwise may have been healthy for years,” Dr. Robert Brook said.

The AHA report shows air pollution’s fine particulate matter will damage health and growing studies confirm it contributes to illness.

Given the many hazards that can undermine one’s health over time, life insurance is a sensible investment in long-term financial stability for a family. Fine particulate air pollution is an issue we all deal with on a daily basis. Plus the study shows it can adversely affect already present health conditions in people, such as asthma.

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